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Why Use HVLP

Why Use HVLP?

I'm glad you asked that question and below I've listed my five main reasons on why you should be using HVLP equipment, today.

Less overspray means a cleaner, healthier working environment and fewer harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

HVLP spray guns operate at 10 PSI or less at the cap which allows the refinish professional to spray closer to the surface. In addition, the painter is able to direct the refinish material precisely where it's needed; even in difficult areas such as door jambs and radical reverse curves.

HVLP spray guns deliver 65% transfer efficiency and will result in at least a 25% material savings.

Sharpe HVLP spray guns are the single best investment a body shop can make based on material savings and the long life expectancy of Sharpe spray equipment.

Rules such as #1151 SCAQMD governing Southern California and Rule #45 in the San Francisco Bay area require the use of HVLP spray guns while applying refinish materials.