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Compressed Air Problems

How Compressed Air (or the lack of it) can affect the application and the quality of refinish work.

As we all know, compressed air is a key element in everything we do in the shop. And the quality of the paint job on refinishing work is affected by the quality of the compressed air we use. The following covers three (3) major problems with compressed air and what these problems cause in the refinish paint job.

Problem #1 - Not enough compressed air can cause:

  • Texture - Orange Peel
  • Mottling Blotching - Spotting
  • Poor Hide
  • Poor Flow Out
  • Poor Thru Dry
  • Poor Color Match (darker color)
  • Poor Solvent Escape
  • Poor Spray Pattern - Streaks, Tiger Stripes, Runs, Sags, Heavy Look, Dry Spray
  • High Film Build
  • Slow Production
  • Unacceptable Finish

Problem #2 - Humidity in compressed air can cause:

  • Poor Gloss
  • Poor Adhesion
  • Un-cured Finish
  • Poor Durability
  • Fast Film Sets
  • Primer Surfacer Hard to Sand
  • Poor Holdout
  • Hard to Buff
  • Cloudiness in Clears
  • Unacceptable Finish

Problem #3 - Particulate in compressed air can cause:

  • Unacceptable Finish
  • Repainting
  • Color Sanding and Buffing

Sharpe can't do anything about Problem #1 but Sharpe has some great, clean, dry air products that can cure Problems #2 and #3. From Refrigerated Air Dryers to the DRYAIRE Desiccant Air Drying System, Sharpe can cure most of your compressed air problems. So take a few minutes and review all the quality clean, dry air products that Sharpe offers. You'll be glad you did.