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Announcing the RAZOR by Sharpe
The Most Universal Premium Gun Family Yet!

Looking for superior atomization, spray patterns and material flow from one gun family that can address all your material needs? Make the RAZOR part of your daily routine and spend more time in the booth spraying.

Nothing cuts down production time like a RAZOR!

The Razor HVLP Spray Gun
  • Provides generous material flow that helps you get the job done quickly
  • Offers exceptional atomization rate
  • Promotes a superior finish
  • Works well for clear coat, base coat or primer
The Razor LVLP Spray Gun
  • For shops where your air supply is limited
  • Low volume, low pressure guns that have been optimized for clear coat
  • Amazing transfer efficiency
The Razor Compliant Spray Gun
  • Provides that perfect blend of first rate atomization and extraordinary transfer efficiency that today’s painters desire.
The Razor Air Spray Gun
  • Offers a wide variety of nozzle sizes
  • Meets the needs of your high pressure applications

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